SUPPORT ACCOUNTS are 'COMMON' to all products marketed by CMC NV.  This means you can use the SAME support account & login IRRESPECTIVE the CMC product that the support matter relates too.  


SUPPORT ACCOUNTS are different from 'OTHER' login accounts you might have with CMC NV (e.g. SCADAR.NET user accounts)

SUPPORT ACCOUNTS are COMMON however product branding and colour scheme of the website page (the images below) can differ!

By creating a SUPPORT ACCOUNT with login capability you'll be able to check the status of any SUPPORT ticket you've create!


STEP 2: Submit your ticket!

STEP 3: Activate your SUPPORT account

Check the mail box of the account used in STEP 2 and 'CLICK' the activation link.

STEP 4: Create and re-type (CONFIRM) a PASSWORD

STEP 5: Logging in to your SUPPORT account

Return to the SUPPORT (this can be 'ANY' Product SUPPORT websites operated by CMC NV)  website and LOGIN using your email address and password...

STEP 6: After login

Observe that your LOGGED IN state! 

Use the 'TICKETS' tab to check the STATUS of any tickets you've created