Online FORM: Airmatics order: Collection of data

Online FORM: Airmatics order: Collection of data

We know there is a baffling array of choice when embarking on the journey to compressed air performance and health optimization, so thanks’ for choosing Airmatics. We know you will not be disappointed!

We want your Airmatics on boarding experience to run smoothly and to get you live as expediently as we can.  For that to happen, we need your help to gather as much information about the equipment ‘assets’ and compressed air system where you’ll be using Airmatics.  The benefit?  Before we dispatch your Airmatics equipment, we will pre-configure everything resulting in both a simpler, more accurate install and an overall 'seamless' go-live experience.  So stick with us as we dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s as they say!  Oh, and if you need help or assistance completing this form, many of our customers reach out to their Airmatics representable for help and assistance!

The following FORM targets key data about equipment ‘assets’ (e.g. an air compressor asset that's destined to be paired with an AIR-TAG) and the compressed air system where Airmatics products will eventually be installed (e.g. system pressure targets as well as chosen high and low alarm level and event triggers).  We will use the data you provide to both configure edge devices (e.g. the AIR-TAG hardware) and the AIRCLOUD website where you will enjoy secure, personal, and live real time access to data that's presented in an insightful way, so it is IMPORTANT that you are as accurate and concise as possible.  What might seem tedious today, will become worthwhile when you go live tomorrow!

Although your purchase, project or system may contain equipment not covered by this FORM, that’s normal!  Herein, we are focus solely on harvesting data to pre-configure Airmatics edge devices and the Aircloud website aspect of your purchase.

Preparation prior to completing the FORM will make its completion easy:
  • Take a look at the sample form here. It's an example 'heads up' on what kind of data we seek and you'll be able to prep prior to completing the form!
  • We need you to provide data in a certain unit of measure.  That’s perhaps not how you might view the data on AIRCLOUD, rather it’s the base engineering unit we use to configure edge devices or the Aircloud service!
  • A useful aid is to use an online unit of measure converter (e.g. to convert what you know into the unit of measure requested by us

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