Establishing a Trade Account with us

Establishing a Trade Account with us

If you wish to establish a trade account with us please complete a Trade Account Application Form...  

Completing a Trade Account Application Form is quick and easy, just follow the link address below, complete the form, date it, electronically sign it and then press submit.  Done.

Once you've submitted your form, you'll be able to download a PDF copy of the form.  If you were unable to electronically sign the submitted form, simply print the PDF, sign it and send it to us.  To send us a signed form  simply reply to the 'SUPPORT TICKET' that 'Contact Person 1' received shortly after the initial application was submitted.  Don't forget to attach the signed form!

Once you've completed the application, here's what will happen...  and just so you know, we always email the submitted forms 'Contact Person 1':
  1. You will receive an e-mail confirming that your application was received
    1. This e-mail will contain an 'edit link address' which allows Contact Person 1 to access, edit and re-submit the application so it's a good idea to store this email and link address
  2. The request to establish a trade account with us will go trough an approval process
    1. We use our Support ticket system to manage that process and ultimately to inform you if and when your trade account with us is ready to use
    2. So you'll receive a second email from us confirming that a Support ticket has been created!
    3. You can check and progress the status of the Support ticket by re-visiting the Support portal.  Just click 'My Area' and log in using your email address and password
    4. If submitting a Trade Account Application Form is your first Support ticket with us then you will receive a third email, this time inviting you to create an account password and thereby allowing you to login.  If you've previously done this, you won't receive this email, simply navigate to 'My Area' and log in!
  3. Once the Trade Account Application request is approved, your trade account is established and ready to use
  4. You will receive confirmation via email, and finally the Support ticket is closed
In the future, if a change to your trade account with us is required (e.g. address or contact person change), please use the 'edit link address' to access the previously submitted form, update it and re-submit it to inform us of these changes.  Again, we'll email you to confirm receipt of your change request.

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